How do I open an account with AMCCI?

Opening an account with AMCCI is a safe and simple process. Simply sign up by filling out your details on our Registration Page.

If you would prefer to register by phone, you can contact one of our account managers to open your account.
At AMCCI, we safeguard your privacy and personal information. For more information about our web security, please visit our Safety of Funds page.

What different accounts can I choose from?

At AMCCI, we understand that each trader is different and we aim to cater for individual needs. That is why we provide you with the flexibility to choose from our 4 account types: Mini, Standard, Gold, VIP and Islamic accounts. We offer a personal and professional service for all our account customers, whatever your account type. All traders have access to our 24/7 online support and educational services, Sirix trading platform, including unlimited charts and technical indicators, automated trading and mobile trading software. And as you increase your initial deposit, you gain even more services.

Mini forex trading accounts are designed for new traders who want minimal risk. Standard accounts are appropriate for experienced and professional traders and Gold accounts are designed for those who can trade large volumes. VIP account holders are provided with additional trade analysis and proactive trading guidance from our experts.

Is the demo account different from the real account?

The demo account is the same as a real account - enabling you to feel the real AMCCI trading experience. However, in the demo account you trade with virtual money, while in the real account you need to deposit real money in order to start trading.

Is AMCCI a market maker?

At AMCCI, we are not a market maker and our technology is fully STP. Our Straight-through Processing (STP) brokers provide clients with direct access to the interbank liquidity while routing their orders to the largest liquidity providers. Non-dealing desk execution guarantees trading on the Forex market without dealer intervention or restrictions.

Straight-through Processing (STP) enables the entire foreign exchange trading process and payment transactions to be conducted electronically and anonymously, optimizing the speed at which transactions are processed.
STP execution means we do not earn on client's losses, but on commissions, ensuring we are directly interested in our clients' income. We benefit from traders who win, because their trading activity increases and as they trade more, we gain more on commissions.

How do I trade AMCCI products?

AMCCI products can be traded through our trading platform. In addition to offering you live trading, AMCCI provides a wealth of trading information: expert analysis, real-time quotes, charts, and more.

What trading platforms do you offer?

Our three different platforms include Sirix, Mobile Trader and Web Trader – enabling you to choose which works best for you.

Many investors keep the Sirix platform on their personal computer, use the AMCCI mobile device on their smartphone, and take advantage of the web-based program for use at the office or while away from home. No matter what your needs - AMCCI has you covered with these multiple platforms to fit your lifestyle.

What mobile systems are supported?

For Sirix:

  • iPhone
  • Windows Mobile
  • Google Android

How do I deposit money into my AMCCI account?

AMCCI offers you many ways to fund your account. We deal with all payment methods: credit cards, wire transfers, moneynet, neteller and cashu. Most importantly, when trading with AMCCI, you can be sure that your payments are secure.

Many clients choose to use credit cards as payment methods. Clients simply need to input their credit card information into the AMCCI secure system, specify the amount of funding to be added to the account, and they can begin trading. The only downside to using credit cards is that there may be a limit to the amount that can be deposited at any one time.

Another benefit of using credit cards is that it is easy to withdraw funds when the time comes. Funds are placed back on the card with any overages going into the client's account. Clients simply need to make copies of the front and back of the cards, and send them to AMCCI to ensure identity.

Funds can also be deposited via wire transfer. Transfers are carried out between the client's financial institution and AMCCI. In order to conduct a wire transfer, investors must contact their financial institution with the appropriate information.

How do I withdraw funds from my account?

With AMCCI, clients can feel secure in the knowledge that they can withdraw their funds at any time. Withdrawing funds from an account with AMCCI is fairly simple, but it does take more than a click of a button. To keep all funding safe, AMCCI requires that clients go through a secure process to withdraw money.

Investors who wish to withdraw funds should fill in the withdrawal form below and send it to their account manager together with the documents required by the finance department. Once the application is received and reviewed, funds are returned to the account from which the deposit was originally made. Funds are sent within 3 working days either as a bank transfer, to the investor's credit card or to the credit card AMCCI has sent. Any withdrawal amounts over the maximum allowed on the credit card will be placed in the investor's bank account.

Clients know that their funds are always safe when they trade with AMCCI. The company requires all withdrawal requests to include picture ID and address verification. In some instances, further identification may be required. All personal information provided to the company is completely secure. This includes typed data as well as images.

What products can I trade?

AMCCI offers a wide range of trading options, including currency pairs, commodities, CFDs, and indices.

What is the minimum deposit for an account with AMCCI?

Each account type has its own minimum deposit requirements. If you would like to know more about each account, please view our Accounts page or contact customer support.