AMCCI offers you many ways to fund your account. We deal with all payment methods: credit cards, wire transfers, moneynet, neteller and cashu. Most importantly, when trading with AMCCI, you can be sure that your payments are secure.

Credit Cards

Many clients choose to use credit cards as payment methods. Often considered the easiest and fastest method for funding payments, credit cards also allow clients easy access to funding without tapping emergency financial stores. Clients simply need to input their credit card information into the AMCCI secure system, specify the amount of funding to be added to the account, and they can begin trading. The only downside to using credit cards is that there may be a limit to the amount that can be deposited at any one time.

Another benefit of using credit cards is that it is easy to withdraw funds when the time comes. Funds are placed back on the card with any overages going into the client's account. Clients simply need to make copies of the front and back of the cards, and send them to AMCCI to ensure identity.

Wire Transfer

Funds can also be deposited via wire transfer. Transfers are carried out between the client's financial institution and AMCCI. In order to conduct a wire transfer, investors must contact their financial institution with the appropriate information.

While wire transfers are not as fast as credit card transfers, many clients prefer wire transfers because they know they are only trading with cash they have on hand and can afford to risk. Traders may also prefer bank transfers because they can trade with unlimited amounts of money, which is not the case with credit cards. Wire transfers can take up to two days, though many times funding is available within 24 hours. Withdrawals, when requested, are placed back into this account.

Safety and Security

The AMCCI deposit methods are completely safe and secure. AMCCI uses an SSL secure system for all transfers. Wire transfers are observed by international agencies and international banks. Clients never have to worry about their funding getting lost or stolen. Personal information is safeguarded, negating the threat of identity theft.