How to withdraw

With AMCCI, clients can feel secure in the knowledge that they can withdraw their funds at any time. Withdrawing funds from an account with AMCCI is fairly simple, but it does take more than a click of a button. To keep all funding safe, AMCCI requires that clients go through a secure process to withdraw money.

Investors who wish to withdraw funds should fill in the withdrawal form below and send it to their account manager together with the documents required by the finance department. Once the application is received and reviewed, funds are returned to the account from which the deposit was originally made. Funds are sent within 3 working days either as a bank transfer, to the investor's credit card or to the credit card AMCCI has sent. Any withdrawal amounts over the maximum allowed on the credit card will be placed in the investor's bank account.

Clients know that their funds are always safe when they trade with AMCCI. The company requires all withdrawal requests to include picture ID and address verification. In some instances, further identification may be required. All personal information provided to the company is completely secure. This includes typed data as well as images.