Islamic Account

Islamic AMCCI expense account is consistent with the provisions of Islamic law in terms of banking transactions and take tax.

 This account is free of taxes and fees premeditation.

AMCCI is specifically designed for those who can's trade of such taxes and fees for religious reasons.

 However, the costumer of this type of account has such an extraordinary features.

To avoid falling into any form of commission’s usury is through Make sure the client's dependence on Forex company that offers Islamic accounts such as AMCCI Inc.

 and the features of Islamic accounts that forex brokers are closing the transactions at five pm New York time clock and then open it immediately to avoid all the problems which can be with the teachings of the Islamic religion

Free of any usurious taxes and the inevitable, the second loans that must forex dealer acknowledged that the search for a broker such as AMCCI company that offers Islamic accounts for clients with the characters here in order to ensure full satisfaction as it provides them full technical support, as well as provide them with daily market news and global reports.

the forex market, with the presence of Islamic their accounts have become an open market for all different nationalities and origins and religions, and became the opportunity for all these unequal as this market that respects privacy of all our people and provide them with the necessary resources to operate and profit while protecting every religions belief .