Safety of Funds

Financial Integrity: Ensuring Your Money is Safe and Secure

At AMCCI, we treat issues of data security, privacy, integrity and backup with the utmost seriousness. When you trade with AMCCI, you can be totally confident that your money is secure and that your privacy is protected.

Secure Transactions and Accounts

AMCCI uses secure transactions that protect all exchanges and personal information at all times. Client funds are never at risk of being lost or stolen before, during or after transactions.

The company uses segregated fiduciary bank accounts to hold all funds. These accounts are managed by AMCCI and no one else. This means that no other entity has access to the funds while under our control. Likewise, we only use financial institutions with the best reputation.

Financial Integrity

AMCCI is a financially secure company, operating under the ethos that the best businesses are those that follow strict financial practices. Thus, all financial brokers must meet basic requirements; the company sends reports each month to an outside accounting agency, which then thoroughly examines the books to ensure financial integrity; annual audits are conducted by independent firms. This is in addition to the company's own financial management who constantly ensure the company's finances in order.

AMCCI keeps client funds separate from the company's own finances. We will never use client funds for business uses. Investors have a justifiable fear that their funds could be accessed to pay client creditors in the case of a default. Though the default scenario is extremely unlikely with AMCCI, the company has taken further steps to ensure that client funds can never be used for this purpose.

The risks associated with financial trading can be significant; AMCCI wants to ensure that clients know all funds, whether it is those held by the client or the company itself, are secure. As required by law, client deposits and expenses are always covered by the liquid capital owned by AMCCI. The company goes further by conducting self-auditing. This extends to the company's internal practices. All policies and procedures are regularly re-evaluated to ensure clients have the safest trading experience.

Reliable Technology

AMCCI uses the latest trading systems, enabling investors to be at the forefront of Forex. With Sirix, clients have the ability to make quick trades while keeping a watchful eye on the latest changes in foreign currency. Clients do not have to worry that transactions will cease due to hardware or software failure. AMCCI uses high quality servers that are backed up with physical hardware as well as an IT team that responds before any problem reaches the client. This allows investors to focus on trading rather than any software glitches.

At AMCCI, we are continuously researching new ways of providing clients with the latest news, the fastest trades, and the safest transactions.