Stock trading with amcci

Every one of us is seeking to own an investment project or an investment company that reward him large profits and duplicate his capital investment. The main reasons which hinder any one to start his project are the small capital investment or lake experience and knowledge. So the best solution is equity investment, as the amcci give you the opportunity to trade in the world's largest, most successful and profitable stocks companies.

The investment in stock trading is the best way for you to has a part of the successful major international companies, which will ensure that you portions of their profits in the future. When you start your trade in any company, you will be one of its owners, and will hold a proportion of them according to the number of stocks that you trade.

Amcci provides you with unlimited options for trading in the world's largest trading companies and thousands of different stocks. Amcci offers their customers everything they need from share trading tools in addition to comprehensive training to lead you to be a professional trader to trade stocks in the global market.

What are the main companies that you can trade its shares through amcci platform?

  • "ebay"
  • "Adidas"
  • "BMW"
  • "Manchester"
  • "Google"
  • "3M"
  • "Apple"
  • "Microsoft"
  • "Nokia"
  • "Amazon"


What is the stock that can be traded with amcci rating?

Customers can trade in CFDs on stocks to buy and sell stocks in the major institutions listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ indices and the London Stock Exchange.

Where can you trade stocks?

The stock trading follows the same rules of Forex trading, so you can log in to trading platform from any place all over the world.

What are the stocks trading with amcci features?

1) provides a platform for customers from anywhere in the world to suit different applications and smart phones or their computers. The platform is available on windows, as well as Android, iPhone and Linux.

2) Distinct leverage reaches 1: 200 whereby the purchasing power per unit of currency that will deliberate the stock out to 200 times. This means if the stock price is $ 1, each $ 1 will buy 200 stocks, and this increases the rolling profits especially traders who have small capital investment.

3) Provides a customer service crew who work 24-hour to help customers and provides provision of trading and stocks prices, global stocks news and answer all your questions Tips.

4) Amcci provides its customers with the best teachers and experts to carry out the rehabilitation of new traders, you can also have a special teacher and a special financial adviser and director of the bag

5) sign up now for a free demo account and see by yourself how easy it is to trade stocks with amcci.

Is the stock trading a profitable investment?

The stock trading investments is slow-juniper, where no large daily fluctuations such as currency exchange market, but it is certainly profitable in the long run if you purchase stocks of a successful company and followed the advices of experts.

When can I trade in the Forex market?

The special thing about the Forex market is the ease of trading from anywhere all over the world 24 hours over five days a week. Trading periods range in the market by geographic region and periods are divided into four periods of work according to the following distribution:

The European session " London session"

It  is the largest trading period in the market accounting for about 42% of trading volume in the global market, it opens at 08:00 am until 17:00 GMT.

US session

 Is the second largest periods in terms of volume that accounting for about 19% of trading volume in the global market. It opens at 01:00 pm to 22:00 GMT.

Australian period

It opens from 10:00 pm until 7:00 GMT.

Asian session

It opens from 12:00 am to 9:00 GMT.