AMCCI offers best-in class web trading through Web Trader, a fully compatible browser-based trading platform. This revolutionary, secure web platform enables users to trade without restriction from any Internet-connected PC or lap top with any popular browser using their standard login details.

  • One-click trading
  • Easy switching between multiple accounts
  • Trade direct from charts
  • Set stops and limit orders

Who is it for?
AMCCI understands that some investors share computers with others at home or at work, which means their information must be safeguarded. Some investors might prefer not to download Sirix to a laptop that has little space or is on loan from a business. As a potential Forex investor, you don't need to be left out simply because you don't have the trading platform. Instead, the Forex trading platform can come to you. Visit the AMCCI website for trading on the spot. You simply need to login to your account and you can begin trading immediately.

Trade Forex from your Browser

Enjoy the capabilities of the leading trading platforms, with the convenience of instant launch from any internet browser.

With AMCCI you can track, analyze and trade over 200 financial products – from any internet-connected PC or Mac. The web-based version of Sirix gives you full access to charting and analytical tools with the ability to open and close trades and set conditional orders.

Open a AMCCI account and start enjoying the convenience of in-browser trading today.


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